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Thank you for considering Kaleidoscope to be your partner in human development!

Does being authentic, effective, and resourceful have meaning to you?  Our customized leadership, team development, and personal growth programs incorporate research-based tools and experience in how people, organizations, and communities learn, change, and transform.


Why Horses?
Horses invite us to examine who we are on many levels: understanding the impact of our personal histories, celebrating who we are today, and exploring who we want to become tomorrow.  By partnering with horses in an experiential process, we help you identify underlying beliefs and overcome limiting ideas and assumptions. Horses genuinely respond with honest feedback to a leader’s qualities, regardless of job title, skin color, or even checkbook balance.  They react to environment and energy, creating the opportunity for us to recognize and understand what we are actually communicating, not what we “think” we are communicating!  Horses see past any personal masks we wear, “live in the moment” and powerfully invite us to do the same.


NO horse experience is necessary and you can learn from our horse partners without even getting close because observing can be a powerful way to identify opportunities for change! Our four-legged facilitators will partner with us in a series of focused learning activities conducted on the ground. Riding of horses is only used if it is a good fit for your group and what you are seeking to accomplish.  It all depends on your desired outcomes and whether riding is the best method to help you achieve your goals. Equine specialists are part of every program to create a comfortable environment for each participant where effective interaction and learning can occur.


Why KLC?
Kaleidoscope’s expert program design and facilitation encourages development of healthy communication, effective conflict resolution, and innovative decision-making skills–improving your bottomline.  The power of nonverbal communication and interdependencies found in organizational systems are brought to the forefront through activities engaging the whole person.


Work with a training and development company who is a leader in the field of organizational change, a pioneer in innovative programming such as partnering with equines, and highly experienced in creating environments where humans discover what it means to live fully. We encourage you to explore whether Kaleidoscope is a good fit for your organization! View the short Youtube testimonials (click the images in the right column of this page) to hear how we’ve been able to help others move from resource-draining drama to embracing healthier relationships.


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Kaleidoscope Learning Circle
Building Relationships. Creating Possibilities.

Wildly Successful!!
Wildly Successful is an entertaining little story with many lessons for individuals and organizations relating to systems unintended consequences, effective communication,and more!
FREE Demonstration! May 14th!
Equine-Assisted Learning/Mental Health

May 14, 2016
1:30-3:30 p.m.
See what Kaleidoscope is all about!

Building Relationships. Creating Possibilities. Testimonials, video, and pictures tell the story of the effectiveness of Kaleidoscope's Equine-Assisted Learning programs.

Michigan Works! talks about MYKLC

Gerrit Wierda, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! shares his thoughts and feelings about working with Kaleidoscope Learning Circle. Kaleidoscope is an approved provider by the Michigan Works! Association to offer Leadership training.

KLC Featured in Michigan Meetings!
KLC was pleased to be featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Michigan Meetings! Click HERE and you will be taken to the online version of the magazine. Our story appears on pages 38 & 39.

You can access a pdf of the article HERE .