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Kaleidoscope Learning Circle is about:

Our Founder
Fabulous Facilities
The Name Kaleidoscope


Kaleidoscope is About Process.

We begin with identifying your desired outcomes and co-create a learning process to achieve them – helping people build capacity to be their best. The work and learning we do together with the horses is transferable to “real-life” because our focus is on the relationship, whether we’re supporting the development of your team, leadership skills, or self-awareness. Through facilitating understanding and insight to the “how” of experiences, the “what” is heard in healthy productive ways. Where there is a relationship, Kaleidoscope can make a positive difference by increasing awareness, identifying assumptions, and improving understanding.

Descartes before ‘des’ horse… 🙂  Philosopher Rene’ Descartes is credited with the statement, “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think, therefore I am.” Our training programs go beyond “thinking” or cognitive reasoning to being mindful, experiential, and engaging the whole self. Kaleidoscope programs are designed to help people shift from over-thinking and/or simply “doing” to “being” — being FULLY present in the moment. We can help any individual – as long as they are open – to grow their emotional and social intelligence, embrace creativity, enhance organizational systems, explore neuroleadership, understand diversity, and improve innovation. We believe in excellence and strive to exceed your expectations.

Experiential learning enables people to proactively and intentionally identify words and actions conducive to collaborating, motivating, and resolving conflict. Partnering with horses, aka equine-assisted learning, offers humans a safe and supportive environment to reflect and investigate their choices and both the beliefs and energy they bring to interactions. Horses live in a herd, a living system or community that looks out for each others’ safety, shares resources (and sometimes doesn’t), plays, and learns together. When humans become part of this environment, powerful insights about human behavior become clearer, especially those relating to effective communication, self-awareness, and decision-making.

 Kaleidoscope is About Connections.

The Kaleidoscope “team” is comprised of a community of experts, collaborators, and partnerships. Relationships with these professionals are purposefully nurtured and developed so we may gather the most effective team to address your group’s specific needs and goals.  This includes a range of two- and four-legged facilitators, consultants, therapists, and life coaches. Our team offers you access to a variety of resources and services as well as other locations, such as Puerto Rico, North Carolina, and Arizona. Also, we are members of several industry organizations that allow us to collaborate throughout the world.  Below is just a sample of some of our collaborations:





Kaleidoscope is About our Founder.

Dr. Tracy Weber created Kaleidoscope to combine her lifelong passions for horses and human development.  Competency-based and learner-centered programs are what distinguish KLC from many other consulting services.  Get acquainted with Tracy through her TEDxSVSU talk, “Horse Wisdom for the Human World” by clicking on the picture to the left of this paragraph of her and Kaleidohorse at the event.  Weber took the leap to make her dreams a reality by founding Kaleidoscope Learning Center in 2000 (building and opening our current facility in 2005) to provide clients and her horses with an ideal learning environment.


Her latest endeavor is a learning fable, Wildly Successful, featuring – what else? – the horses at Kaleidoscope.  These amazing four-legged facilitators literally come to life in this story… for more info click here.

Meet your Neighbor: Dr. Tracy Weber


 Kaleidoscope is about Fabulous Facilities.

After a visit to KLC, you may end up wishing you’d been “born in a barn”.  We work year-round in our 120 x 66 heated indoor arena. Our heated/air-conditioned conference room has a full kitchen, wireless access, and a beautiful handicapped accessible restroom.  Our home, in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan, has two easily accessible local airports and is part of the top visitor destination in the state – Frankenmuth. Think beyond the “training” aspect of your visit, to bringing family & friends, incorporating what “matters” with what has meaning.

The nurturing atmosphere and thoughtfully planned physical environment at Kaleidoscope Learning Center® is comfortable, learner-friendly, and a fun place for people and horses to play together.  Here are Barnquest directions to our place!



On the Road!

If you’re in the mid-west, the KLC team can bring our portable 60’ round pen, truck, and horse trailer to your hotel, office grounds, or backyard.  We also partner with other equine-assisted learning businesses to bring programs to the destination of your choice.  We’ve worked in Dubai, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Vancouver, Maryland, and more.

The Name Kaleidoscope . . .

The kaleidoscope, a mirrored tube invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster, encourages us to marvel at the image created through a rearrangement of pebbles and bits of glass – essentially asking us to embrace the potential for seeing something fresh by simply looking at the same pieces when they are viewed in a new light.  Each new image incorporates elements from the previous one, each pattern is beautiful in its balance – familiar, yet unexpected. Kaleidoscopes ask you to suspend rigid expectations of what you think you will see next, inviting you to be open to something new and different. The changing pictures of a kaleidoscope need energy to turn, mirrors for reflection, and light to see. By looking at change as if it were a kaleidoscope, you become aware of the importance of individual pieces and learn to apply the right combination of energy, light, and reflection for profound and potentially beautiful transformation.

Learning . . .

Learning is a change in the way we feel, think, or behave. Neuroscience research provides powerful insights, furthering our understanding into the way the humans make decisions, problem solve, and are driven by their beliefs.  At KLC, we integrate this information (along with other knowledge and extensive experience) into our program designs, resources, and conversations.  We excel at creating learning opportunities and environments that are transferrable from the work we do with the horses to other aspects of life, leading to lasting and transformational results for our clients.

Circle . . .

A circle is a powerful symbol of continuous learning, for there is no beginning or end. KLC is not simply one place, one group of people, or one organization. The vision of Kaleidoscope is to provide individuals with tools and learning experiences that can be integrated into their daily lives.  These experiences are intended to spark that desire for continuous learning, without a beginning or end. We hope to create a circle of learning that is like a moving river – one where you never step in the same spot twice.

Kaleidoscope is About You Getting What Serves You!

We incorporate a wide range of proven techniques to serve our clients, intentionally engaging all parts of the brain and reaching all personality and learning styles. Our organizational culture at Kaleidoscope models effective team behavior by being open, honest, vulnerable, and resourceful. We “walk our talk” whether we’re on two legs or four! Contact us today!

Wildly Successful!!
Wildly Successful is an entertaining little story with many lessons for individuals and organizations relating to systems unintended consequences, effective communication,and more!
FREE Demonstration! May 14th!
Equine-Assisted Learning/Mental Health

May 14, 2016
1:30-3:30 p.m.
See what Kaleidoscope is all about!

Building Relationships. Creating Possibilities. Testimonials, video, and pictures tell the story of the effectiveness of Kaleidoscope's Equine-Assisted Learning programs.

Michigan Works! talks about MYKLC

Gerrit Wierda, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! shares his thoughts and feelings about working with Kaleidoscope Learning Circle. Kaleidoscope is an approved provider by the Michigan Works! Association to offer Leadership training.

KLC Featured in Michigan Meetings!
KLC was pleased to be featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Michigan Meetings! Click HERE and you will be taken to the online version of the magazine. Our story appears on pages 38 & 39.

You can access a pdf of the article HERE .