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At KLC powerful questions are one of the main keys to learning.  While every program or course is unique, humans are interestingly similar, so below are some frequently asked questions and our helpful answers:

General Program Questions


Click on the picture to watch Tracy’s TEDxSVSU “Horse Wisdom for the Human World”

Why Horses?

Facility Questions and Handy Things to Know

Other FAQ’s


General Program Questions

Do you customize programs?
Every single one!  KLC’s programs are co-created with you, focusing on your desired outcomes.  We work collaboratively with our clients so that what is learned in partnership with horses is transferrable back to a world without them.  Feel free to contact any of our previous clients for more information about what you can expect.


our_approach3How much time does a program take?
It depends on what you are seeking to accomplish… as little as needed, as much as necessary.  Once we’ve identified your desired outcomes, determined the number of people, established the amount of time you have available, and agreed upon a budget, the Kaleidoscope team will prepare a proposal.


How many people can you accommodate?
We work with groups ranging from just a few individuals to nearly a hundred.  For the larger groups, we break them into smaller clumps to enhance each individual’s learning experience.


How much does a program cost?
Cost varies based on the time, number of people, desired outcomes, etc.  We will work with you to identify objectives and outline a budget.   Please contact us for more information.


Why choose Kaleidoscope – why are you considered experts?
Kaleidoscope’s team of facilitator’s are highly trained and experienced in organizational and human development as well as delivering successful EAL experiences.  We’re happy to send you a resume or vita on the facilitators who will be delivering your program, once that is determined.


Is horse experience required to participate?
No.  In fact, if someone prefers not to be in the same space with our equine partners, they still can be an active participate in any program or experience we develop.  Because safety is important to us, each program includes equine specialist as part of the facilitation team.


Is there pre-work or post-work required?
Depending on your objectives, we may request that participants engage in different processes ranging from reading, watching videos, writing reflections or experientially testing ideas.  These will be determined during the development process for your program.

Why Horses?

How can horses teach you life skills?
Equines are authentic communicators who live in the moment, offering genuine feedback without judgment.  They are prey animals that live in a herd environment depending on each other for their safety and survival, which invites natural conversations about effective communication, leadership, and team development. They share a similar social fabric to humans based on trust, respect, and integrity. Research shows that both humans and horses prefer to learn through positive reinforcement, inviting us to identify what is working and to intentionally and purposefully create more of those processes that yield positive results. Through experientially interacting with both the horses and KLC’s two-legged facilitators, participants experience increased awareness, resulting in the creation of new connections and potential ways of being.

What if I don’t like, am scared of, have never met a horse I liked?

Trust and respect is a huge part of creating an effective learning environment, a place that allows for personal and group awareness, innovation, and change. To keep both our two-legged and our four-legged friends safe, an experienced Equine Specialist (ES) is a part of each facilitation team. The ES focuses on proactively reading our horse’s cues and behaviors. In fact, if someone prefers not to be in the same space with our equine partners, they still can be an active participant in any program or experience we develop. We use our “people sense” to ensure that we’re using good “horse sense.” Visit KLC’s Facebook page to meet our four-legged facilitators!

Will we ride horses?
Maybe … if it is a good fit for what you are seeking to accomplish.  It all depends on your desired outcomes and whether riding is the best method to help you achieve your goals.

Facility Questions and Handy Things to Know

Does Kaleidoscope operate year-round?
Yes!  We have a heated arena and a heated & air-conditioned conference room so that we can provide our effective programs year-round.


faq_pageDo I need special equipment or clothing?
Clothing is required only for the people, not for the horses.  We encourage you to wear something comfortable that you aren’t concerned might get dirty – free horse hair souvenirs are available to all participants.  Dressing in layers is a good idea, as we will be likely be going in and out of the conference room.  Closed-toed, flat-soled shoes are a must (no flip flops), in winter, remember your boots to avoid “pop-sickle toes”.


What if I have allergies or other special needs?
Kaleidoscope Learning Center is completely accessible.  Please contact us to explore your options, as we’ve worked with a wide variety of populations and  have always found creative ways to incorporate individuals into the program for the benefit of all involved.


Could I get hurt?
We do everything possible to reduce the risk of physical or emotional harm.  While there is always a possibility of physical injury when working with live animals, we include equine specialists (ES) as part of every program.  Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is closely related to Equine-Assisted Mental Health AND we know the difference.


Can Kaleidoscope take the “show on the road”?

YES! We’ve had lots of experience partnering with other facilities all over the country and even in other parts of the world such as: Dubai, Croatia, Puerto Rico, and neighboring Canada. If your event or training program is near mid-Michigan, we can load up the “kids” (horses) in our trailer and set up a roundpen on a grassy area outside your hotel, camp, or school. In this case, it’s always the clients’ responsibility to make sure there is plenty of good weather. 😉   Because we like making new horse friends and have experience doing this, YOUR location is not an obstacle for us to work together.  We’re open to finding creative location alternatives!


Does KLC offer overnight accommodations?
No and it is not really necessary as we are only a few miles away from two of Michigan’s premier visitor destinations, Frankenmuth and Birch Run, featuring world-class restaurants, meeting and conference facilities, shopping, golf courses, a new water park and much, much more.  Kaleidoscope Learning Center® is located at 12847 Rathbun Road, Birch Run, MI near Frankenmuth.   Contact us if you need additional travel or accommodations information, we work closely with Great Lakes Convention & Visitors Bureau and are a member of three local Chambers of Commerce (Frankenmuth, Birch Run, and Saginaw County). Travelers to the area appreciate that the Birch Run/Frankenmuth area is conveniently located just off I-75 in mid-Michigan between the Flint Bishop (FNT) and Tri-City (MBS) airports and only 1½ hours north of Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).


Can I visit Kaleidoscope to get a taste of what you offer to make sure it is the right fit?
Yes!  We encourage all potential clients to join us for a free demonstration scheduled at your convenience – give us a call!

Other FAQ’s

Does KLC offer Equine Assisted Mental Health programs?

YES!  We work in partnership with several highly qualified mental health providers.  Please email us  with your specific request.

Didn’t get your question answered? Please contact us

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