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Passion ~ Painting & Ponies

Self-care promotes good health and well-being, allowing us to be our “best selves” for the people, careers, and others, we love.  Passion ~ Painting & Ponies begins with a delightful gourmet lunch designed to engage your senses and prepare you for the warm and heartfelt experiences we will share.  After filling our bellies, we will fill our souls through activities that invite you to explore, discover, and embrace the pure joy of playing with ponies & paint.


Horses are a wonderful canvas to the soul, connecting us physically with the environment and encouraging us to breathe into and celebrate our passions.  Horses do not judge, or have hidden agendas, allowing us opportunities for meaningful reflection and increased self-awareness.  We’ll partner with Kaleidoscope’s four-legged facilitators in a variety of activities to create a support, fun, and caring community of co-learners.  Then, we’ll shift the focus from the whole group and spend time actually painting on the horses using symbols that help us identify our individual desires and passions. Lastly, we’ll create a painting, similar to the one featured here, that represents YOUR “kaleidohorse.”

There’s new Heartmath RESEARCH (2015, Baldwin & McCraty) Proving that:

  • Horses react to human body language and can read and respond to some study participants’ nonverbal communication.
  • In the coherent state, humans may share heart-rhythm information with horses.
  • Peaceful interaction with horses may move people to a heightened receptive state that enhances nonverbal and energetic communication.

Deepen the connection to your passions through partnering with horses (equine-assisted learning) and creating a finished masterpiece that you paint yourself!  We’ll break out some delicious wine to help your inner artist come to life!

No horse experience is necessary.097_cropped

Facilitated by Dr. Tracy Weber, Stacie Johnson, LMSW, with the painting experience led by the talented Shirley Wazny.

The cost is $150/person and includes a delicious lunch, beverages, afternoon snack,wine (during painting experience), art supplies, and all program materials.

Contact us for GROUP Rate for your next staff, friend, or family gathering!198

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Passion ~ Painting & Ponies $150    

Wildly Successful!!
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FREE Demonstration! May 14th!
Equine-Assisted Learning/Mental Health

May 14, 2016
1:30-3:30 p.m.
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