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Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change for Women Equine-Assisted Learning Series

Our personal definition of “who-we-are” adjusts throughout our lifetime as our roles, responsibilities, and relationships change.  If the search for living fully into each of the “seasons” in your life resonates with you – JOIN US for one or all four of our programs!

During our time together, we will leverage the powerful wisdom horses provide, as they support us staying present in the moment, helping us to become honest  with ourselves and connect to our purpose and passion. Each program provides unique and powerful opportunities to share with others, personally reflect, and reframe your stories to serve you and the future you desire.

While life’s journey is uniquely ours, there is a collective wisdom we can draw from through sharing our stories, experiences, and coming together as a community, especially in partnership with horses.  Gathering together is a proven way to let go of past hurts, celebrate successes, and prepare for a differing future. No horse experience is necessary.


Programs offered upon request, minimum of six people.


Harvest the Joys of AUTUMN. The rich colors of trees changing and garden’s bounty dance in oranges, yellows, and reds; feeding us now and into the grayer winter months.  Are you embracing the fruits of your efforts and sharing the bounty with others? During our time together we will identify our behaviors that serve us and our purpose.  Through harvesting your brilliance, you support all you seek to grow and nurture for yourself and those you love.

Seasons of Change – Fall Session $49    


WINTER Welcomes Hibernation.  This program focuses on the power and necessity of hibernation, going within to strengthen your ability to reach out.  You may experiencing a time in your life where “recharging” is what fulfills you. During our time together we will identify practices that help you find your center and offer rest for our often overworked and stressed out mind and body.

Seasons of Change – Winter Session $49    


SPRING the Season of New Life.What is the “something new” in your life that you’d like to explore more deeply.  Are you in a new role at home or work? Was there a recent change in your respon-sibilities as a wife, mother, sister, or friend?   During out time together we will explore the birth or rebirth happening in your life and we will fertilize and prepare the soul to help you grow and blossom.

Seasons of Change – Spring Session $49    

tree summer

October 21, 2015  – See Pictures on our FB Page

SUMMER Brings Warmth. Chapters in our lives sometimes possess a summer quality- longer periods of natural light, where we wish we could press a “pause” button to hold onto the moment forever. During our time together, we will identify the foundations of the “summer” qualities of our lives, mapping out ways to create more of what brings us this warmth and fun.

Seasons of Change – Summer Session $49    



“There are events and activities that remain in our memories and change us forever.  My time with Dr. Tracy Weber and her company, Kaleidoscope Learning Circle was one of those experiences.  My participation in her Women’s Empowerment Event, not only connected me with powerful and enlightened women, but taught me things about myself that empowered me.  The safe, supportive, and  unique environment is perfect to achieve those AHH HA moments that remain with you forever.”

Drewe L. Robinson, Registered Rep, Tri-Star Trust Bank & Community Volunteer

Wildly Successful!!
Wildly Successful is an entertaining little story with many lessons for individuals and organizations relating to systems unintended consequences, effective communication,and more!
FREE Demonstration! May 14th!
Equine-Assisted Learning/Mental Health

May 14, 2016
1:30-3:30 p.m.
See what Kaleidoscope is all about!

Building Relationships. Creating Possibilities. Testimonials, video, and pictures tell the story of the effectiveness of Kaleidoscope's Equine-Assisted Learning programs.

Michigan Works! talks about MYKLC

Gerrit Wierda, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! shares his thoughts and feelings about working with Kaleidoscope Learning Circle. Kaleidoscope is an approved provider by the Michigan Works! Association to offer Leadership training.

KLC Featured in Michigan Meetings!
KLC was pleased to be featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Michigan Meetings! Click HERE and you will be taken to the online version of the magazine. Our story appears on pages 38 & 39.

You can access a pdf of the article HERE .