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Kaleidoscope customizes all our program offerings, based on the desired outcomes of the participants.  We have extensive experience and expertise in Leadership, Team Development, Youth, and Women’s programs to name a few.  Because our team includes licensed mental health professionals, we are able to offer services for people interested in both learning and mental health.

Kaleidoscope’s approach helps people get comfortable with the ambiguity through developing a foundation of trust.  We invite people to take risks and practice the behaviors they desire where there is support, understanding, and acceptance offering people the opportunity to learn, change, and grow.

Current Program offerings, registration, and future program possibilities are found on our EVENTS page.  Below please find a short introduction to some of our favorite programs.  If you what you are seeking is not listed, please ask!  We would LOVE the opportunity to co-create the perfect equine-assisted learning experience for you!

Working Together

Working Together


LEADERSHIP:  In July 2006 Kaleidoscope hosted Northwood University’s (NU) all-state meeting, introducing NU center directors to Equine-Assisted Learning.  Beginning in 2007 we offered a 3-day course, SOC 345 the Culture of Leadership.  We delivered nine courses at Kaleidoscope in partnership with horses and Dr. Tracy Weber, Kaleidoscope founder, facilitated one non-horse course in Bay City in 2010.   We are now offering this leadership training model to non-students.   In addition to the NU multi-day course, we continue to inspire and support leaders with other program options – contact us for a customized proposal.


TEAM DEVELOPMENT:  We’ll let our past participants tell the story…

“When we first were told of the training I was very skeptical as to the relevance.  However, as we went through it the ability to interact with the horses sure makes people drop their defenses and truly interact.” – Duperon Corp. Manager

“Tracy rocks!! She showed us some phenomenal team building activities that we can take back to really improve our operations within our organization! I would recommend her training program to anyone.” – Matthew Simcox, Outdoor Recreation and Events Coordinator at Saginaw County Parks and Recreation

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WOMEN:  See our current Event offerings for Seasons and Passion ~ Painting & Ponies.


MENTAL HEALTH:  Kaleidoscope’s team includes mental health professionals that can offer a range of services, some covered by insurance. Please contact us if you are looking for a licensed healthcare professional who can help you or a member of your family.

Bereavement:  We all know that grief is a normal response to death and that people work through those feelings in a variety of ways.  Regardless of the individual and their grieving process, horses help people by being present in THIS moment with them.  Kaleidoscope’s experienced and qualified facilitators support people as they work through their feelings and emotions in a safe and caring environment.  At Wellspring’s Camp Hope, we also created activities where participants could interact with peers who have experienced similar losses. Through partnering with horses, a process called equine-assisted learning (EAL), people express their feelings of grief, learn coping skills and, most importantly, begin a healthy healing process.  Contact us to explore how our team can collaborate with your team to help people in an effective and proven method.  We’ll work with you to customize a program that enhances the bereavement services you are already delivering.

Veterans:  Through partnering with horses, participants will physically practice stress reduction, learning to reduce anger and anxiety, increase confidence and self-esteem, and rebuild trust in themselves and others.  Horses are powerful healers who enter relationships with a willingness to connect.  As prey animals, their decision to trust, ability to read the environment, and openness allows participants to use their feedback to help heal invisible wounds.

Kaleidoscope’s founder, Dr. Tracy Weber, is a pioneer in the equine-assisted industry.  She brings a global experience in partnering with horses to help human development. Weber has been a contributor to several books, thesis, and academic projects all relating to equine-assisted work.  She is adjunct faculty at Michigan State University, Northwood University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Prescott College, where her courses are focused on customer-centricity and Leadership.


SPEAKING:  Kaleidoscope’s founder, Dr. Tracy Weber, has presented and facilitated hundreds of conferences and classes, for a sampling of these events click here.  In 2015, she presented at TEDxSVSU, “Horse Wisdom for the Human World”  Her engaging style incorporates experiential activities encouraging audience participation and her sense of humor combined with academic prowess are a powerful and memorable combination.  For more information on speaking based on her new book and how you can raise money for your charity or event, visit her author’s website,


Our facilitators invite your voice to be heard, offer you time to reflect and learn in your own way, ever seeking to meet you where you are, helping you get where you want to go by building self-efficacy. Kaleidoscope programs facilitate tearing down the walls which block you from achieving your potential and building up the relationships that create new possibilities.

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Wildly Successful!!
Wildly Successful is an entertaining little story with many lessons for individuals and organizations relating to systems unintended consequences, effective communication,and more!
FREE Demonstration! May 14th!
Equine-Assisted Learning/Mental Health

May 14, 2016
1:30-3:30 p.m.
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Building Relationships. Creating Possibilities. Testimonials, video, and pictures tell the story of the effectiveness of Kaleidoscope's Equine-Assisted Learning programs.

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